Facial Recognition Attendance, Social Distancing and Mask Compliance Monitoring

How Can OpticBot Help You?

Automate COVID Safety Compliance Monitoring

We’re OpticBot, and we’re ensuring your back to business plans are materialised smoothly by providing groundbreaking solutions and for COVID safety automation. Our technology ensures COVID Safety procedures are complied with without the need for manual surveillance. Curious to find out more? Browse through our website, and get in touch if you would like to request a demo.

Monitoring Face Masks Compliance

As the unlock progresses, so does the need to be vigilent on prevention mechanisms for COVID. It is however not efficient to manully monitor people for wearing masks in open areas such as tech parks, public places termails or busy streets.

OpticBot makes this monitoring easy and manageable via it's highly accurate, fast and efficient scanning of live video feeds to detect masks non-compliance in near real time.

OpticBot Mask Compliance Dashboard
(OpticBot Mask Compliance Monitoring Dashboard)

Social Distancing Monitor

Social Distancing is one of the most crucial preventive practices for COVID-19, and one of toughest to monitor in open spaces

OpticBot uses state of the art Computer Vision technologies to monitor social distancing violations and can alert you of the violations or even a potential crowding that could lead to violations.

Monitoring Social Distancing Violations

Facial Recognition Access Control with Rapid Thermal Scanner

Secure your workplace and safegurard employees via proactive and touchless attenance tracking and access control that also automates thermal scanning.

Automate access control based on a multi factor authentication first, facial recognition followed by temperature scan. Also ensures your office access control is tail-gate, RFID cloning and biometric tamper proof.

OpticBot Face Recognition & Thermal Sensor Access Control

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